Daniel Faivre

Daniel Faivre Born in 1949, Daniel Faivre lives and works in Paris.

After plastic arts studies at Sornas School in Paris, he was graphic designer from 1968 till 1992 and freelance illustrator from 1992 till 2005. This year 2005 was the staring point for his sculpture researches.

Development of his series:
- 2008: “STRANGE BESTIARY”: With this series, Daniel ventures to a mental travel, revisits an interior world built on an images poetics branded by faraway travels.

- 2009/2010: “Kre-A-Tu-R’ In All Their States”: This series was inspired by the de Divine Comedy of Dante and the paintings from Jerome Bosch. The impact of instant, the immediate and hard obviousness of the Kre-A-Tu-R’ exists to really mark disenchanted world; more a screaming body than a works agreed.

- 2011: “DANCE OF THE DARK BODY”: This series imposed itself to Daniel after seeing the Butô dances (from Japan) performances and the shows of expressionist puppeteer Ilka Schönbein. His archaic outlines with empty eyes, alarmed mask, express a dance which sinks the fist in the faults hollow, in the conveniences…

Daniel give a body to his sculptures with wood, iron rods, linens to materialize them in an accumulation of materials where the stratums superimpose themselves, necessary alchemy to tame the corporal envelope of these singularly Kre-A-Tu-R’. These are working for me like an imaginary tank of hybrid beings, quickly sketched, quickly shaped to exist through our eyes, like they are!

Daniel made several collective expositions in France (Saint Jean de luz, Nogent sur Marne, Salies de Béarn, Troyes, Cergy Pontoise, Miermaigne, Banne, Montpellier, Paris, Brou), in Italy (Lecce) and in Belgium (Libramont)…